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Luis Bautista

Real Estate Agent at Trex International Realty

Luis Bautista – The Best Realtor in Miami

Luis Bautista kick-started his passion in Real Estate at a young age. He decided to become the best realtor in Miami a few years after he made his first investment. After some time, Luis understood that advising other people with their process of buying and selling properties was another way to help explode his talent. Luis Bautista has the goal to provide the best Miami real estate agent service. Furthermore, he has focused on bringing in a fresh approach to the real estate industry. Also, with his background on computer science, he is utilizing all the latest technology to be able to provide the best experience possible in the current industry.

There are lots of realtors in Miami-Dade. But, whenever you work with Luis Bautista you can expect to receive the following top 5 unique attributes:

Knows the overall Miami marketplace and its numbers

Understands where the sector is moving too

Relies heavily on data to analyze economic and real estate cycles

Capable of comparing a property to another to observe where the best values are

Strong background in computer science to work with the latest technology available

Best Miami Real Estate Agent

Luis will bring his real estate experience and professionalism to offer his clients the most effective sales, advertising, and client services. Also, he will assist you each step of the way even before you decide to list your property. If he doesn’t have the answer, he will find it.

If you need to employ the best realtor in Miami to sell your house, then Luis is a wise choice. Whether you are purchasing, selling, or investing in real estate, he understands how to deliver a smooth transaction. Furthermore, Luis also has the determination of providing those searching for a home with the maximum level of consumer assistance.

Whether you are investing or buying your first home, it is always better to work with experts on your side who can enable you to find perfect-fit houses or help you sell your properties faster.

Why Work With Luis?

Because of the understanding of the areas that he serves. Also, because he will keep you informed and educated on all the constant changes in the real estate transaction, he will provide advice on the latest industry trends. Furthermore, he will help you pick the most rentable properties for your needs.


Employing a real estate professional is undoubtedly the best way to make sure you get the maximum selling price for your property. When it has to do with real estate marketing, Luis will help you to stick out from the crowd.

To summarize, Luis is an extremely respectable and friendly man to work with when you need any real estate advice.

Current Broker: Trex International Realty

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