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What's Your Home Worth?

Market Value of a Property vs Home Value Estimator

One of the first things that a consumer wants to know when they are thinking about selling their home is the market value of a property. They might be thinking about buying a new home and are wondering just how much they can obtain for their own house. There are several ways to find out the market value of a property.

Initially sellers can use an online home value estimator like ours to obtain an estimate of your homes value. These are great tools and provide an initial estimate within minutes to help sellers understand the value of a property.

Once you have made a decision to sell your home, it is time to hire a real estate agent.  The best thing you can do is arrange for a Comparable Market Analysis or CMA. Your agent will make a detailed assessment of your home and compare it to the competition. Another key factor that affects your home value are the recent homes that have sold in your area. They will also take into account the condition of your home.  Your may possible improvements depending on the current market situation, e.g. buyers or sellers market.

Comparable Market Analysis

An appraiser can provide a value for the home based on comparable sales and the current condition of the home. If you really want maximum price for the home, use an agent and have a CMA completed.

Sellers should always heed the advice of their agent when it comes to improvements. Most of the realtors suggestions can maximize the sale price of their home. Such suggestions can include everything from minor repairs and enhancements. Most of the improvements are made to freshen up your home. Keep in mind that some improvements will be used as a market strategy to gain the best price for the property.

Begin with our online free instant estimate using our home value estimator. Then focus in on the details with a CMA to properly position your home with the competition and maximize your sale price. Our broker TREX International Realty has over 20 years of experience combined.