How to Get Rid of Bad Smell in House (DIY Methods)

How to Get Rid of Bad Smell in House (DIY Methods)

Nobody wants to dwell in a house filled with bad smell as it can irritate, ruin fresh air for breathing, and also create an uncomfortable environment for everyone. Home smells can also lead to severe complications such as vomiting to individuals with specific allergic reactions to a particular unpleasing aroma. Living in such a property is unbearable, and that’s why you need to know how to get rid of the bad smell in house by all means possible.

You find that you can’t work comfortably in such a property where you also don’t have an easy time when taking your meals. It’s also not comfortable welcoming your visitors as they may negatively judge your personality.

Need to knock out bad smell? You realize that bad smell comes from various sources where you need to know the source of the smell and implement the most appropriate technique to wipe out the lingering smell. Some of the unpleasing aroma won’t vanish easily unless you apply the most appropriate method that will entirely banish the aroma.

This article describes the most common weird aromas in our property and the best way to eliminate the smell and live in a comfortable and healthy environment. To make it easier for you, here are the various types of smells that exist and how to tackle one of them.

Pet Smell (Old House)

Having a pet in your house is adorable, especially to pet lovers, as pets provide the company and keep everyone in the house excited and active. Having pets come with responsibilities; these are living creatures who have to pee, poop around, and even shed fur on your items. If you aren’t careful or haven’t trained your pet, you might have a problem in the end.

Some mischievous pets might decide to pee on the carpet, couch, or anywhere where you get astonished one day when a particularly dog smells hits your nose. That’s not to say that you need to get worried, but you can effectively knock out the pet smell by applying the most appropriate method.

For upholstery furniture rugs, carpets, and any other fabric you can move, it’s always easier than you carry them outside for exposure to the sun. Leave the upholstery under the sun for several hours under the sun to obtain fresh air that penetrates through the fabric while annihilating the pet odors.

You also need to establish the source of the stench where pet urine causes a stronger stink that requires a more elaborate method to remove.
First, establish the area, then you clean the area affected using the vinegar solution as vinegar won’t affect the color of your carpet.

  • Wet the spot
  • Spritz the area using a spray bottle
  • Wait for a few minutes then blot the area by folding the area and pressing with a paper towel
  • Dry the area fast using a fan
  • Spray the region with some baking powder
  • Vacuum for about 20 minutes and if the aroma persists, apply some vinegar and repeat the process

Try These Methods

  • The use of enzymatic cleaner
  • Cleaning the floors
  • Training your pet to use the potty and taking it out for disposal immediately after use
  • Vinegar solutions
  • Vacuuming
  • Sprinkling baking soda on pet beds

Cigar smell

blankCigarette smoke also leaves patches on the ceiling and on the walls, which may result in weird smell, especially when one continues to smoke every time. The smell may accumulate and result in a foul odors. One method of removing Cigar smell is through cleaning the upholstery with white vinegar and baking powder.

  • You need to sprinkle some baking powder on the wall surfaces, carpets, and upholstery furniture and leave for up to 72 hours
  • The baking powder absorbs the smell then vacuum after 72 hours
  • Spray some vinegar and wipe off

Unique DIY Methods

Other methods of removing cigar smoke smell include:

  • Removing the ashtrays out and emptying
  • Opening the windows wide open to disperse all house smells and allowing fresh air to enter
  • Using odor eliminating certified products and sprays
  • Burning incense of musky and spicy smell
  • Placing a bowl of vinegar in the rooms to absorb cigar smell
  • Air the room and also dispose movable upholstery for sun freshening and fresh air
  • Use a correct air purifier.

Cigarette smoke can get attached to the property’s walls. If you are purchasing property where a smoker used to live on, then getting professional cleaners come in can be huge. By doing this simple step you can prevent future respiratory diseases or allergic reactions caused by the aroma of cigarettes.  Also, a fresh coat of paint before moving into the property would help with this issue.

Toilet Lingering Smell

The toilets, if not perfectly cleaned and monitored, also release an unpleasant weird aroma. Getting rid of the bad smell involves cleaning. One method of cleaning is through the use of a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice.

  1. Make a paste of lemon and baking soda of equal amount
  2. Spread the mixture at the base of the toilet and leave for up to 15 minutes
  3. Add some vinegar and wait for another 15 minutes and wipe off using the cleaning rug

Other Things to Apply

  • Cleaning with essential oils
  • Cleaning the toilet tank thoroughly with toilet cleaning products
  • Draining clogged drainage systems
  • Cleaning the entire bathroom regularly
  • Regular flushing after every use
  • Spraying with toilet air fresheners after cleaning
  • Using homemade fresheners
  • Ventilating the bathroom
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Knock out bad odor with warm water

Try The Following

You might have come across an extreme weird aroma that never varnished entirely even after conducting thorough cleaning. Such aroma should not give you a headache after reading this entire article guideline. The exist numerous techniques and thanks to advancing technology where you can find the most intoxicating unpleasing aroma eliminating products in the market.

It does not matter even if it’s a recurring problem in your property. With the right knowledge and skills, you can always guarantee your family a healthy environment without any weird aromas.

Wet Clothing and Bed Smell

If you leave your unclean clothes and bedding on the floor or damp places for long, you realize that the clothing and the bedding will end up releasing weird and uncomfortable smells into your room. The solution to eliminating such aroma is cleanliness. Avoid leaving dirty clothes in damp places.

Wash your clothes as soon as you remove them through the various methods that you use. You can hand wash hand washing clothes, take the clothes to the laundry, washing machines, and more. Also, use a activated charcoal air purifier because it absorbs odors and humidity inside of your closets.

Ensure that you wash the bed sheets every two weeks. Rinse and dry the beddings where you can also iron and organize everything perfectly in your wardrobe. Having everything clean and organized and also minimizing clutter inside your property room reduces the chances of any house smells developing. Weird aromas are a one of sellers mistakes you should avoid.

Accumulation of cloths and clutter will produce weir aromas. Using you washing machines to clean your clothes regularly will contribute to an improvement in the air quality. During the buying process aromas plays an important role specially for a property in Miami. Also, when preparing to sell it is crucial to keep moisture and humidity controlled. Last thing you want is to scare buyers away.

Filthy Machine and Trash Cans

blankYou can easily distinguish lingering odors that comes out a filthy dishwasher. When the food remains to pile up and clog around your dishwasher during cleaning, bad smell develops where it may be unpleasant to tolerate such an aroma. It is always necessary to avoid pouring chunks of food remains as it may block the entire system.

To remove such kitchen smells, you need to clean the dishwasher, remove any clogging remains, and pour on hot water regularly. Use a mixture of baking powder to clean and wipe off using vinegar where you need to leave it for up to 15 minutes to absorb the smell then rinse.

For leaking sewerage systems, you need to call an expert to unblock the system and promptly empty the sewage as soon as it’s full. After repair and emptying, you need to clean the entire place using baking powder and to rinse off with vinegar to absorb the lingering smell. You can also use the most active shelf cleaning products in the market to knock out the smell and apply some air fresheners. Apply these tips to remove odors and improve the indoor air quality.

Home Stink Trash Air

You also need to empty the trash and disposal cans once they are full. After emptying the trash can, you also need to clean to knock out the remaining specs of trash and aroma. Cleaning with baking powder and wiping off with vinegar does the best as vinegar has the best qualities of absorbing home kitchen smells. You can also use your regular cleaning products from the market.

There might be other causes of molds and mildews smell inside your property, such as decomposing animals like rats and insects. Hidden molds, leaky plumbing, and carpets that have absorbed years of stink might also cause weird aroma. Faulty electrical connections shot circuiting electrical components may also cause a unpleasing aroma. It’s, therefore, necessary to know the cause of the stench and apply the most decisive measure to expel any smell that may cause discomfort inside your property.

Dead Mouse?

The worst aroma is the smell of a dead mouse. Try using hydrogen peroxide or a box of baking soda in the affected area for a few days. Also, another area you need to clean in your property is the carpet and furniture. Here is where all the dog smells accumulate over time. Some of the natural remedies to remove odors include coffee grounds, a few cups of vinegar, and sprinkling baking soda. Use these methods to get rid of smell and improve indoor air quality of your property.

Cheap Solution

No one would ever want to live inside a property with mold or mildew. Eliminating and abolishing such bad odors must be your number one priority before an open house. As you have observed, determining the source of the aroma is the first step that helps you in determining the most appropriate technique to apply. For most of the aroma, a combination of baking soda and white vinegar delivers excellent results as both are known to absorb most of the household weird aromas. Here is a useful video:


You can also use the Ammonia method for the most rigid smells. You can’t let instances of odor suppress your peace of mind distract your family, friends, and visitors. No matter how strong or rigid the bad smells may be, the market avails the most powerful deep cleaning products and detergents that can help you in wiping out any type of musty smell.

Once you abolish mold or mildew in your home means living a less toxic life, thereby eliminating instances of headaches, nose, eye, and throat irritations or severe conditions such as kidney, liver, and respiratory complications. Baking soda is known to absorb unpleasant odors in the fridge. Follow the above guide and do away with any home smelling bad or any foul odors for a healthy life and to have a property that smells fresh. Try activated charcoal air refresher to remove bad cigarette smoke smells.

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